The Amyloidosis Forum

The Amyloidosis Forum has been developed through a public private partnership between the Amyloidosis Research Consortium (ARC) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Amyloidosis Forum was formed in 2019. The overarching goal of the forum is to leverage expertise and resources from all stakeholders to advance rigorous science to bridge the gaps in drug discovery and development in AL amyloidosis.

Public Private Partnership with FDA

Novel Endpoints and Analyses in Clinical Trials in Al Amyloidosis

The Amyloidosis Forum is currently focused on Novel Endpoints and Analyses in Clinical Trials in AL amyloidosis.  The first Forum meeting held in 2019 defined the priorities that will be addressed. The Forum is currently holding  a series of meetings and has convened organ specific working groups to systematically evaluate endpoints, both established and novel, with the aim of developing better trials for this rare complex multi-systemic disease.



The Amyloidosis Research Consortium

The Amyloidosis Research Consortium (ARC) is a nonprofit organization focused on accelerating the development of and access to new and innovative therapies, and improving quality of life for all patients with amyloidosis. ARC brings together all the stakeholders involved in drug development to collaborate on breaking down the barriers that are slowing down the development of the most promising treatments for patients. These stakeholders include patients, researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, regulators, policy makers and payers.


For more information contact: arc@arci.org, or call 617-467-5170